ABOUT Sinolinear

Sinolinear was established as a captive factory for LUMI, one of China’s largest ergonomic product suppliers. Due to increased capacity and expertise, Sinolinear is now able to provide the same affordably priced height adjustable products to the broader market. Chinese innovation is behind the manufacturing skills and ability of Sinolinear, while the marketing and business development is provided by a Western Leadership Team. This Leadership Team offers a greater ease of doing business, and best of all, the communication of ideas, concepts, changes, and requirements are fully understood due to Sinolinear’s native English-speaking project management and sales staff. Once, one of the industry’s best kept secrets, Sinolinear is now ready to serve your height adjustable product needs. Sinolinear now reaches out to OEM and ODM customers that desire the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. Contact us today to find out exactly how we can make your business more profitable and stable for years to come.

ABOUT Expertise

Sinolinear’s engineering and R&D teams have expertise in industrial, mechanical, and electrical engineering design. Ergonomic products require a greater attention to detail, advanced research, and the ability to take complex human-machine interaction to simple design solutions. We pay attention to advancements in materials and technology, but also closely follow medical research and studies that clearly show a path to healthier living through the advancement in product design and engineering. Sinolinear believes healthier living begins where people spend the majority of their time, and for most of us that involves working and computing at a desk in an office or home environment. Put our expertise to work for you today.