Sinolinear LC3BO Standard 3 Segment Oval Top Lifting Column 620 Stroke

Frame Orientation - Rectangular

  • LC3BO

· Basic design (big segment is at the bottom) maintains adequate loading capacity and stability; meanwhile it brings a better appearance. · 3-stage design is intended to afford 120mm more strokes (from 630mm to 1250mm) than 2-stage design column. · Top-oval segment design ensures the-same-long-stroke as common 3-stage column; meanwhile it brings a better appearance.



· All desk models fit. It can be matched and arranged in pairs in accordance with your crossbar.

· It combines with a powerful motor; each column provides the lifting capacity over 80kg (800N).

· Less noisy but faster lifting up- and downward.

· The durable steel columns are precision-manufactured and powder coated for long life and contemporary appearance.

· Model colors include Matte Black, Space Grey, or White Satin. OEM custom frame colors are available.


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